Author’s Note

Destined for Oblivion:  As Nature Intended is a work of fiction.  In the book, I have taken some of the characters, places and organizations like the United Nations to their extremes.  I have changed them to suit the needs of the story.  I hope that my readers will not be too offended and will also excuse the bluntness of some of the characters.  The truth is, authors can only write about what they know.  This book is no exception.

First, this book is the first of a series.  So, although most of the people who have read it like the ending, it is not the final one, as the story will be continued in the sequels.

The second point is its length.  The book is 684 pages long.  It was recommended that I shorten it to 400 pages, by deleting a third of its content.  The reason for the request was to reduce the printing cost of the hardcover copy.  It wouldn’t have changed the price for those of you who have bought it on soft cover or in digital eBook format.  The only thing that would have happened, if I gave in to the request, is that the readers would have been cheated out of a lot of important clues and details that I deemed necessary for the sequels to come.  Since it was not an editorial recommendation but only a pencil pusher’s opinion, here is the book in its entirety.

Finally, as you have likely noticed, I’m publishing my books under a pen name.  This is mainly to protect myself and my friends, as I’m hitting very close to the mark when I’m talking about the UN.  As a bearer of a diplomatic immunity, anonymity is something I had to consider.

Mario Stinger.