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On Friday, he took time planning a nice weekend to celebrate and invited Stephanie to spend Saturday night with him in a beautiful suite on the 27th floor of the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel downtown with a view of Lake Ontario and the CN Tower.  The room was pricy, but it was well worth it.  He was not buying the room time but instead, the special feelings and the sweet memories he had as he walked in the large amber marble lobby for the first time, and the first night he spent there with a girl.

 eatons centre


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“It’s not you, it’s the place we are going, but don’t worry about it.  This is something we can easily remedy,” he said.  “Muhammad, can you take us to the Eaton Centre please?”




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They drove to the foot of the CN Tower, skipping the long line of visitors and headed for the private elevator to the 360 Restaurant located at the top of the tower.  As the rapid alternating beat of concrete-and-glass window flew and they rocketed along the 1800-foot tower to the highest restaurant in the world, they looked around and admired the view of downtown Toronto and Lake Ontario.





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The Union Station was a majestic building in the heart of the city.  Its twenty-two stone columns always reminded him of the beautiful Parthenon in Athens as he saw it in various travel books.  Of course, he had never been to Greece or anywhere else for that matter.


 dome train


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Although she was totally baffled by this, she couldn’t prevent herself from doing it anyway.  After lunch, they took a walk down the train’s many compartments until they reached the glass dome-covered section of the Skyline car.  The wagon was completely bathed in natural light.  On the first floor were regular sitting benches, the most important feature of that car, other than being the last one at the back.  It had two floors.




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With the precision of a Swiss watch, they arrived at the small train station in the Banff National Park.  They just had enough time to eat breakfast and rushed out of the train before it departed again for the West Coast.


 banff hotel


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“In the train, I have made a few phone calls as well.  I finally managed to get a room at the Banff Spring. Apparently, it is the best hotel here and since we have spent three days and three nights together cooked up in a little room, I see no harm to share a large one with you.”

“When I did my research for this trip, I found that the Banff Spring was only fit for kings,” she observed.




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He had already planned his time and decided that he would be staying at the Pan Pacific Hotel by the harbour and visit the few landmarks that the city had to offer.

Arriving in Vancouver, he noticed that as opposed to the Banff Spring, the Pan was quite modern.  His room on the 21st floor afforded him a great view of the port of Vancouver in the distance.  As he sat by the window, he looked down at the roof of the IMAX theatre with its four large sails which somehow inaccurately reminded him of the Sydney Opera House.




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Hong Kong was better than he had expected and he spent a week there enjoying every second of it, especially the shopping and the three-dollar massages.   As he had promised himself to do, he even paid his respect to Bruce Lee by visiting the house he grew up in.  On the way back, he stopped by the Chinese embassy to pick up his single-entry tourist visa to China.  The visa was for three months starting that very day and this was great.




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Steven’s eyes were blinded as he exited the candle lights of the cathedral into Piazza del Duomo’s bright sunlight, crisping his eyes as he walked into the square littered with people.  As his eyes adjusted, he turned and faced the Duomo Cathedral in the most famous square in all of Milan.




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“Old habits,” Peterson observed.  “We should be there soon, pending traffic.  You will then fly to Edinburgh in Scotland to pick up an engineer and then you will fly to your final destination, the Oslo airport.”


 oslo airport


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The landing in Oslo was as Steven expected even though the taxiing on the runway was longer than what the captain had told them through the flight. Steven took a glance outside at the mountains and slightly regretted for not doing it from the air as he looked at the Alps when he landed in Geneva.


 Norwegian Village


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The little town was nice, a little medieval-looking.  All of them regretted not being able to stop and take advantage of the restaurants and shops.  With such beautiful sceneries, it wasn’t hard to forget that the next day would be the beginning of their new project underground.