Organizations Mentioned in the Destined For Oblivion


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United Nations (UN)Destined for Oblivion:  As Nature Intended is a work of fiction.  In the book, I have taken some of the characters, places and organizations like the United Nations to their extremes.  I have changed them to suit the needs of the story.  I hope that my readers will not be too offended and will also excuse the bluntness of some of the characters.  The truth is, authors can only write about what they know.  This book is no exception.


International-Atomic-Energy-Agency-IAEAInternational Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)“First, let me thank all of you for your effort and your secrecy for the past two months.  This Facility is, likely, the most important discovery in the history of mankind—The End.  That being said, let’s define the rolls here.  IAEA’s purpose is only to assist and weigh the impact of the Facility’s technology on people and the environment.”


VIA-Rail-logo2VIA RailThe Great Canadian Silver and Blue train was already there.  It was a modern train painted with the usual two colors of the famous Canadian train company; a large yellow and blue stripe spanned the entire bottom of the train.  Under the black windows and the typical silver colour on the upper half of the train was the yellow logo of VIA Rail in italic clearly visible.  He climbed aboard and felt a wave of national pride.

usnavy_logoU.S. Navy“True.  At any rate, luckily the Navy taught you Celsius.  I’m not sure I’m any good with the old Fahrenheit system; never got used to it even after these horrible years working off the coast of Louisiana,” sighed Eirik, remembering how homesick he had been toward the end.


US_Navy_SEALs_insigniaU.S. Navy SEALs: “Yes, I did, but it didn’t last long.  The thought of spending months in the same confined space with seventy other guys was not too appealing to me, so I dropped the program and joined the Navy SEALS; that way, I could dive for free.”


boy-scouts-of-america-sealThe Scout Association: Eirik looked at him intently, learning the process which he was sure Jack had learned in the army or in the Scouts as a kid.


discovery_channel_logoDiscovery Channel: “These are the ones, but it is not science fiction really.  I remember a Discovery Channel documentary about a Japanese man who invented one in the 1980s, a sonic washing machine.  It was apparently only waiting for government approval and some more tweaking.


padi logoProfessional Association of Diving Instructors:  

“I have a PADI Advanced and Deep Diver certification,” Steven offered.  “Good enough for forty metres.”

“What is a Petty?” asked Fangs.

“PADI,” corrected Chrissy. “It means Professional Association of Diving Instructors.”

“Or Put Another Dollar In, according to my instructor,” Steven volunteered laughing, quickly followed by Chrissy.


bombardier logoBombardier: “You will like the plane:  A Bombardier Learjet 60, brand new, less than 150 hours on it,” said Carter as much for Steven’s pride as his own.  “Canadians can certainly make good stuff, I can tell you that.”


us army 30 logoU.S. Military“She was forced by the US military to participate in the project and she is not happy about the fact that she had to leave her boyfriend behind.”


natoflagNorth Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)Colonel Lawson’s portfolio was equally impressive.  He had commanded troops for the US Army, NATO, and the UN Peacekeepers for more than twenty-five years.



McDonald’s“It always tastes the same and feels the same, much like eating at McDonald’s, but healthy.”



kgb logoKGB…thinking that he was lucky to have managed to get permission to leave the country after his father was arrested by the KGB.


canada_flagImmigration Canada“That probably helped us a lot, according to the Canadian immigration agents, because the Russian government did not look too bad in reality and that was in our favour.”


ctbto logoComprehensive Test Ban Treaty OrganizationBack in Vienna, the Council members were holding their weekly meeting for the first time in their temporary offices located in the old administrative floors of CTBTO, the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty Organization, which were relocated to a newly constructed building so they could continue to prevent countries from testing new ways to wipe out each other.


who logoWorld Health Organization: “I thought that the organization was an offspring of IAEA, not WHO?” snapped Fang before taking her place on the front seat and crushed her cigarette in the clean and likely never used ashtray.  She was apparently happy with her joke, having read somewhere that smokers couldn’t apply for a job at the World Health Organization anymore.


Cargolux_Airlines logoCargolux:  “We also have an arrangement with Cargolux in Luxembourg.  Their massive cargo planes can transport anything anywhere in the world,” observed Arne, looking at Lawson seated next to him.


ICAO logoInternational Civil Aviation Organization: “I could also name ICAO in Montreal, the headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization that generates more than ten million dollars a year by selling reports on airplane crashes, airport security brochures, and statistics on all kinds of things.”


unicef logoUnited Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF): “Oh, yes, Halloween, those orange UNICEF boxes that generate more than half their yearly operational budget.”


Johns Hopkins University logoJohns Hopkins University: “The world at large is already doing it. It’s nothing new. The African population is plagued with HIV and AIDS. We are not rushing to fly them to John Hopkins University for expensive treatments. It is not that we are not nice, but we can’t help the entire world, either.”


unesco logoUNESCO World Heritage Sites: “Yeah well, it’s not like we can call UNESCO and have a secret facility as a declared World Heritage Site to protect it,” snapped Theodore, too tired and drained from the week’s event to apologize.


marriott_logoJW Marriott’sIt had been too short to enjoy everything it offered.  He would have turned down a full four-year term as President of the United States for these few months underground in that alien coal mine of his—although his mine would have put luxurious JW Marriott’s to shame.  Now, it was all in English, which had made his obligation to travel to Washington even harder.


cia-logoOffice of Strategic Services / Central Intelligence Agency: He felt like he had received a personal invitation to visit the CIA headquarters in Langley, where he would be told all the secrets they had accumulated since they had stopped being the Office of Strategic Services and became the Central Intelligence Agency.


Canada_air_force_command_badgeRoyal Canadian Air Force“In 1950, a Royal Canadian Air Force Lancaster airplane crashed during the construction of the weather station when its parachute, used for airdrops delivery, became entangled to the tail of the aircraft.”


nsa logoNational Security Agency (NSA)“To make the long story short, I was recruited by the NSA right out of college and worked for them until six years ago when they recruited me.”